Lost Coast Backpack Photos

wpdev10 Aug, 2016

An update from instructor Bri:

We have emerged safe and sound from our last backcountry section of the trip. Groups spent four days hiking along the beautiful Lost Coast, covering about 30 miles on the rocks and sand, with occasional overland sections which provided a bit of relief for our feet. Due to the incredible athleticism of the students, groups moved quickly along the trail each day, maximizing time spent exploring nearby creeks, playing in the sand, and just generally enjoying the beauty of the coast. Some highlights include seeing seals and snakes, the mystery of a fog-covered world, incredible sunsets from the far west, stars, the moon, and the milky way, pool noodle fights, burying people in the sand, laughing until we cried, slack jaw, sock puppets, good conversation, and just an overall enjoyment of being in a beautiful place with good company. This backpack was the cherry on top of an excellent trip—after training our backpacking muscles in the Shasta-Trinity Alps and climbing Mt Shasta, beach hiking felt like a breeze, and the views were hard to beat.

Showered, fed, and well-rested, the crew is now headed back towards Sacramento via the Redwoods with mixed feelings as the end of the trip approaches. We’re doing our best to soak up all remaining moments of this trip and enjoy the last of our time together!


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