Mountain Biking and Climbing

wpdev02 Jul, 2016

A quick update from student Dana Tipton: During our day of mountain biking we had a lot of fun! When we got to the trails we practiced braking, then we started actually going down the trails. It started off with a lot of uphill then we got a little break at this this cool place that had a little shelter that someone else built. We then biked a little longer and stopped for lunch where we also played my favorite game, mafia. The rest was mostly downhill, which was so awesome! Overall, it was a really fun biking trip and I would definitely want to do it again sometime.

A quick update from student Jack Wright: Today we went rock climbing and mountain biking. First, we woke up and took down our tents. Then we ate a great breakfast and packed our lunches. We played lots of mafia on the way their. Rock climbing was really fun and we got to use GoPros! Then we went to a different campsite and setup for the evening.


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