Olympic Peninsula Backpack

wpdev04 Aug, 2016

A quick update from instructor Jasmine: We began our backpack with a short and sweet first day with good scenery. We then spent two days trudging through seaweed fields and boulders. When the groups got to camp, they ate great dinners, had evening meeting, and went to bed which was really needed. Due to tide fluctuations some groups got to sleep in late some days, but some had a rough morning because of early wake ups. The groups hiked for a while, sometimes stopping for long times because of the tide. When they weren’t napping, the groups hiked through rocky terrain and sandy beaches. They found some very unique rocks and discovered animals like a sea otter, a starfish, and a ton of sea anemones. All of the groups were very lucky and saw amazing bald eagles. At the end, the groups had a really fun time backpacking at Olympic national park!


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