Pisgah Backpack

wpdev04 Aug, 2016

A quick update from student Anna: We woke up and ate cereal then packed our backpacks and headed out in the vans. I was in shawty. Shawty is the name of the smaller van. Megan, Quinn, Claire, Tim, Thomas and Pete were in my group. Once we arrived at the trail head, we ate our lunch some snacks. Then we started hiking uphill on some rocks. When we were 30 minutes in, it started raining and we had to put on our rain jackets. As soon as we put on our jackets, it stopped raining. We kept going uphill into the clouds. We discovered that Jenna has weather super powers. She was able to control the clouds by commanding the clouds to go away. We kept on hiking for another hour then we got to our campsite. The campsite was the prettiest of the whole trip! It was a whole grassland and you could see all of the mountains. When we got all settled in, we played mafia. We made so much Jambalaya that we had to eat it for the next couple meals! We had evening meeting, but it was cut short because it started raining and we went in our tents. There was four of us in the tent so it was pretty crowded. Then the next day, we got to sleep in! For breakfast, we had bagels then started backpacking. It was raining, which made everything really slippery, causing everyone to slip and get muddy! It was hilarious! For lunch, we met up with the other group and had Jambalaya burritos. We started playing trail clue. It’s like the board game Clue, but in real life. Then we hiked for another two hours, getting rained on and slipping some more. Finally, after we were all tired from backpacking, we found a small campsite and decided to camp there. We set up camp, played mafia, and had ramen extreme. It’s ramen noodles with mashed potatoes. Then it started raining…again, but we finished with evening meeting. We got in our tents and joked around until we fell asleep. We woke up the next morning and had breakfast and got hiking again. We hiked for two hours and right when we finished, the other group finished at the same nice. We ate lunch and told each other our stories of what happened on our backpacking trip. Then we headed to the AT barn in the vans. At the barn we derigged, played pirate waiter, and did a slip n slide. That night we had dinner and had Reese’s s’mores for dessert! We also played a big group mafia game then had evening meeting and told ghost stories. We had to go to bed pretty early because we had to wake up at 6 am this morning!


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