Post-Crow Pass Update

wpdev26 Jul, 2016


Greetings and salutations from Alaska 2. We just came off of our Crow Pass backpack, where we saw some amazing views and had lots of fun. We crossed over a beautiful pass and encountered some crazy weather, but we were in high spirits. On the second day, we saw two male moose and were in total awe! They were incredible! We had a freezing river crossing, but we all made it out okay. We also cheered on lots of marathoners on the trail as we saw them compete. Overall, it was a great backpack! We are now heading to Whittier for five days of sea kayaking. – Lena and Max

We started our Crow Pass backpacking trip with an easy four-mile hike and arrived at our first campsite fairly early, where we had a view of a gorgeous waterfall. After hiking through both forest floors and rainforest-like terrain for another day, we arrived at a freezing glacial river. Though it took 10 minutes to cross, the river hardly posed as a problem for us.

The next day, we woke up early because it was our last day, and we had to be out of the backcountry by noon. We had to get up early because we had a nine-mile hike out and 3,000 feet elevation gain. During the hike, we had rain and freezing rain, but it didn’t stop us, and we got out of the backcountry a hour early. Overall,it was a great hike. – Olive and CJ


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