Rafting Photos

wpdev02 Jul, 2016

An update from instructor Ari:

Over the last two days, we had a great time with our students whitewater rafting and rock climbing! The students learned the ropes of outdoor rock climbing in Icicle Canyon, a popular climbing spot outside Leavenworth, WA. Students had the opportunity to try their skills on climbing routes of varying difficulties. They learned about important safety elements of climbing such as properly tying in, fitting a harness and helmet, and rock site safety. Braving the white and frigid waters of the Wenatchee River, the students embarked on a whitewater adventure, running class 2 and 3 rapids, while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the drier Eastern Cascades. While hopping out of the raft in calmer sections to cool off, our students learned some new paddle strokes and the basics of rafting. The students have also had some awesome adventures in the kitchen over the last few days, starting with the Adventure Treks tradition, the Mexi Cook-off. Students broke into their backpacking teams and utilized teamwork and creativity to prepare their most entertaining and delicious dining experience. Our students have also stepped up and cooked group meals for the rest of the group during student dinners. After a few adrenaline-filled days of rafting and climbing, we are soon headed west to backpack the rugged coastline of Olympic National Park.


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