Rafting Update

wpdev03 Aug, 2016

A quick update from instructor Tess: Greetings from Happy Camp, California!  That’s actually the name of the town! We are camped out at Curly Jack Campground after a three day raft trip on the Klamath River. Our legs definitely needed some rest after our Mount Shasta summit and rest they got!  We had high energy in other ways however. Between rapids, students enjoyed capturing others’ boats, floating down the current, or simply kicking their feet up and enjoying the scenery. The white water itself challenged some students navigating inflatable kayaks or miniature rafts, and some students even learned to work the oars in the captains seat! Each night we cooked long meals including a baked potato bar and instructor Zach’s world famous chili. The hearty meals continued into breakfasts of eggs and hash browns and chili pilis (a take on enchiladas–but for breakfast!). The river and sun can certainly take it out of you, but we are re-energized with the thought of smores tonight around a fire, an unfortunately rare occurrence in dry dry California, but we take advantage when we can. Tomorrow we have a bit of a break as we prepare for our final activity, a four day backpack on the Lost Coast.


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