Sea Kayaking

wpdev11 Jul, 2016

A quick update from student Chloe: Hi all! The sea kayaking was definitely a 10/10 experience. We were able to take in all of the incredible views along with surprise splash wars and telling jokes. As well as experiencing amazing things in the water, we took a beach walk on the second day and discovered many things about the beautiful place we were in. Each and every person here continues to have a smile on their face and we’re off to tackle our next adventure.

A quick update from trip leader Rachel: Over the last three days we explored Townsend Bay in Northwest Washington by sea kayak! On the water we were lucky to watch some awesome marine life such as otters, seals, sea birds and even a bald eagle landing in its nest with her young! On the first day, high winds prevented a crossing of the Townsend Bay, but on day three, we were able to take on the seas and cross the channel. In between, we kayaked around the coast of Fort Flagler and explored some old military bunkers, playing a game of extreme hide and seek called sardines. Students got to try their hand at sea kayaking in double kayaks, practicing different paddle strokes, learning about ocean safety and currents, and learning some fascinating natural history about marine life and the Washington area. In the evenings, we all enjoyed hanging out together at camp, sharing stories from the day and taking the time to get to know one another even better.


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