Thank You from Regional Director Josh

wpdev12 Jul, 2016

As a Regional Director, it’s always exciting for me to get to visit a trip, and especially exciting to partake in a trip. I’ve been following the progress of this group through the Trip Leader Tess, but it was great to get to personally spend some time with this group.

I feel like I joined this group at the right time, as their community was nearing it’s peak. Any issues they had had seemed well hashed out, and I walked into a group that was excited and enjoying each other and their trip.

We camped together on the Point Reyes National Seashore the evening before beginning our sea kayaking overnight trip. The following morning we met up with our guides before packing up and learning basic sea kayaking skills. We sea kayaked in Tomales Bay along the Point Reyes National seashore, which is a simply stunning area. With green blue water, beautiful coastlines, and sunny weather Tomales Bay is a gem.

We crossed the bay and set up camp on a beautiful beach, which was a great campsite. Unfortunately, the wind picked up that afternoon so we were unable to get back out on the water. We divided up into two pods and camped separately. The trip is in the backcountry, but supported by a motorboat that brought our overnight gear there for us. Our group spent the day hiking, playing games, and performing a talent show that included some hilarious skits.

We woke up the next day intent on doing some sea kayaking, but unfortunately the weather was uncooperative. Although Tomales Bay is sheltered from ocean waves, the winds created their own swell, which necessitated a quick crossing in rougher waters. Both groups performed well, especially given their brief time paddling.

We headed to our final campsite where we began the trip, Samuel P. Taylor State Park, which is in the redwoods. After showers and calls home, we took the group to a final dinner of In and Out Burger, a California classic. We spent the rest of the evening at camp enjoying each others company. Sitting in on this final evening meeting was a treat, it was clear how much progress this community has made. That evening and the next day at the airport, there were a lot of tears shed and talk of next summer.

I really enjoyed getting to know this group, and I look forward to seeing many of these great students. Thanks for sending us great kids!

Josh Goldbach, Regional Director

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