The Day Hike

wpdev21 Jul, 2016

A quick update from instructor Ari: Our new group of 23 students arrived yesterday in Portland, sporting oversized duffels, excitement and wide smiles. We headed to Lake Sylvia where we welcomed our students into our opening camp and enjoyed a delicious first meal, called Yahoo dinner, of steak, potatoes, chicken, fruit salad and more to kick off the trip. Today we spent the morning playing get to know you games and orienting our students on the awesome traditions of Adventure Treks. The students cooked breakfast themselves, gourmet French toast, and then headed out in the afternoon for a day hike around the lake in a Douglas fir forest typical of the northwest, getting a taste of the wilderness they will experience in the coming weeks. Throughout the day, students learned how to pack their backpacking packs, tent set up, backcountry cooking techniques, and some fun games. Although we have only spent a few short hours together, the group is off to a great start, everyone demonstrating a positive attitude and willingness to learn new skills. Everyone is very excited to head to the Olympic Peninsula where we will spend the next 4 days in the backcountry, enjoying stunning views of the rugged Washington coast!

And now a few words from Dock…

Today began with more “icebreaker” games, as we challenge students to learn everyone’s names before lunch. This is usually an easy task, as students know each other from the activities in the park and in the van from day 1. Students broke up into small group cooking classes at breakfast (where they learned to cook French toast) to help build a connection with instructors and feel comfortable in a small group setting, all while learning essential trip cooking skills. Preparing food together and sharing a meal is a great way to form a foundation for new friendships.

After breakfast, the three small groups went on a day hike to continue getting to know each other. These small groups, combined with an electronic-free environment, are key to building an intentional community.

It’s easy to build a community when you are isolated from the outside world. With no social media or school pressure and strong, kind leadership from our instructor team, we are able to share the values that promote being a contributing and valued member of a community. It takes everyone’s energy and commitment to complete the many tasks needed for the success of an Adventure Treks expedition (cooking, cleaning, setting up tents, sorting food, packing the trailer, inspecting vehicles, setting up stoves, collecting drinking water, keeping the site clean, etc.).

Before the first backpack starts tomorrow, we teach the proper way to do many of these tasks. We try to build a level of basic competency so students will feel comfortable enough to eventually see what needs to be done and take initiative to voluntarily help the group. Viewing the big picture is just one of the skills that we hope stays with our students long beyond the adventure. When covering new skills, we begin by teaching and modeling, and we follow with practice. Students gain understanding as our instructors pull back, coach, and delegate. It’s all about helping students gain maturity, responsibility, and leadership.

The students have now entered a world completely different from home. No running water, sleeping in a tent with two other people they just met, constant immersion in a community of teenagers, and (probably the biggest difference) no internet or phones. We hope you agree that this new environment forms the basis for an unforgettable growth experience.

Adaptation to this new way of life can be stressful at times, but please know that we emphasize fun. We play a ton of games, and the social aspect of the trip is paramount. We know our true competition is digital media, so we know we have to make AT as fun as video games to hold our students’ attention. The games we play are all face-to-face, but like they do when they play a video game, our students have entered a new world—one where they can choose to be a slightly different person than home, aka their best self. Because our instructors are “cooler” than parents, we hope our students will rise to other challenges more easily than at home!

– Dock


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