Wells Gray Backpack

wpdev13 Jul, 2016

A quick update from the three backpacking groups:

Group 1: Our group went for about 8 kilometers to a campsite called Fight Lake in Wells Gray Provincial Park. The next day we started our summit attempt up Battle Mountain. Unfortunately, do to weather we were not able to summit. That evening we made “ramen extreme” which is a medley of tasty ingredients, namely ramen. On our 3rd day, we did a pleasant hike towards Phillip’s Lake. This split up the remaining distance back to the trail head so that on the last day, we would not a long hike out. On the final day, we woke up early and hiked down to the vans in record time.

Group 2: The second backpack was yet another fun experience even though my group did not summit Battle Mountain do to weather. We all bonded and played some fun games in the safety of our tents when we were not able to summit. Once again, we had some tasty meals! The fog was heavy during the trip which felt like we were in a cloud. Throughout the whole experience, our group played this game called trail assassin which we are caring on with until airport day. Overall, the trip was great but we could have done without all the mosquitoes.

Group 3: On the first day of our backpack, our group arrived at a pretty campsite by a lake. We made a fire that we named Jeffery after many failed attempts of lighting soggy wood. The next day, we backpacked to our campsite where we told lots of jokes and learned the importance of mosquito nets. When we woke up the next morning and the ground was covered in fog but we still set off on our hike up Battle Mountain. We hiked to the top  but it was hard to see where the summit was because of all the fog. At the top we had fun dipping snickers bars into Nutella! On the way down the mountain we saw a grizzly bear way in the distance. The bear saw us but ran away because we were a large group. It was really cool!


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