Wells Gray Backpack

wpdev04 Aug, 2016

A quick update from the three backpacking groups:

Group 1: Since we were the group going last up the trail, we waited in the parking lot for the other groups to go first. During that time, we played a fun game called “zoogle” which can only be described in action not words but it was so much fun. That evening we hiked a short distance to this camp alongside a lake called Phillip’s lake. We had jambalaya and went to bed really early. The next day we hiked to a cabin in Caribou meadow. We did not sleep in the cabin but we did play a lot of monopoly deal within the cabin. On the third day we day hiked to our summit attempt up battle mountain, but unfortunately did not make it to the top because there was a thunderstorm. On the last day, we hiked out early in the morning and met up with the other groups.

Group 2: Our group was the second to take off. We spent our first night in caribou meadows and went to bed early so that we could summit Battle Mountain. In the morning we packed everything up, hiked to the base of the mountain and then set up camp there. We then hiked without our packs to the summit then came back to our camp late that night. The next day we packed up and went to Phillip’s lake where we set up camp, had a camp fire and told scary stories! In the morning, we packed up and walked out of the wood to the vans where we met up with the rest of the groups.

Group 3: Our group set out on the trail first since we had the farthest to go that day. We set up camp at Fight Lake which was so beautiful. We decided to go to bed early that night so we wake up try to summit Battle Mountain the next day. In the morning we just packed our packs with water and lunch since we were coming back to our tents that evening. We got to Battle Mountain and had to make our path up to the summit. Unfortunately, ominous clouds started to get closer, so our instructors made us turn back so that we would not get caught on the mountain in a lighting storm. When we got back we realized that one of our tents was broken. This was not great since there were so many mosquitoes. Our instructors made the decision that we would hike back to vans the next day so that we could get another tent. We spent our third day hiking all back to vans. Luckily, we made it to our destination before a thunderstorm came. For the rest of the night we hung out under a tarp, swapping funny and scary stories and talking about life in general. The next morning we woke up mid morning, packed up and greeted the other groups as they made there way to the vans.


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